Scope and Coverage

Designated products get through our technical pre-sales with relevant information to get it all started. Our expert team will get you started with any of 4 levels of the services that we offer. Your product can be Blockchain, IoT, Mobile application, Web application, Thick clients and more get covered by the scope document and SOW. Deliverables and processes are justified to owners with an agreement.

  • Product Assessment / Security Posture
  • Compliance / RIsk Cover
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerabilit Assessment

Peer Reviews

Gold Standard: Fagan style inspection to find out defects and devise a solution for the same.

Methodical, in-person review meetings:

  1. Pre-meeting familiarity with project.
  2. Moderator/PM keeps things moving.
  3. Expert reviewers go over every line, using checklists.
  4. Recorder takes written notes.
  5. Result: written list of defects.
  6. Re-inspection if the defect rate was too high.

Security Audit

Methodical reviews are the most cost effective. Important to measure bug discovery rate to ensure review quality. Metrics for trust security will increase from baseline to good. As we help you fix security issues, you will automatically see improved security posture for every itteration of audit.  We eventually reduce attack surfaces of the product and increase controls were necessary. Operations and Limitation would settle down to optimised output for speed and privacy of the customer data.

We [hack, build, train, scan] stuff

InfoMagnum independent elite consulting arm, renowned for its expertise, 17 year track record and innovation on the frontlines of cybersecurity.

At InfoMagnum IT solutions, we put together our areas of expertise and decade of experience across domains so as to form a diligent team in order to deliver quality with speed so that our clients can achieve their most important goals. With the constant drive for improvements, efficiency savings and speed of service, there is no surprise that the big data has become one of the important things within those companies.


What we've been up to

  • 19 Public presentations we've given in the past year
  • 32 Projects performed for our clients in the past 24 months
  • Expertise in IoT, Cryptocurrency, AI lead us to be active in next gen technologies.


Understand cyber risk by mapping crucial assets and vulnerabilities.


Act quickly and decisively to limit damage when the worst happens.


Identify threats before they have any business impact.


Restore data or infrastructure. A fast and easy way to get back on-line.


Implement and tune appropriate defences to fight cyberattacks.